About Me

My story


Hello, my name is Zsofia Dorgai.

I was always drawn to children. To their ability to be lost in the moment, to truly connect and to truly live. For us adults, it’s a learning curve to come back to our hearts, for our children it’s a natural state.

Yoga allows us to strengthen the connection with ourselves. I have learnt a lot from the best teachers during my studies to become a certified yoga teacher (Vinyasa and Yin Yoga), and later on educating myself about children’s yoga, getting the certification of post-natal recovery therapist, and the list goes on.

My greatest teacher however is undoubtedly my son. He teaches me every day that trying and failing is normal. That you can never say `I love you` too many times. And that practicing yoga together might not be the most elegant and technically perfect practice, but it creates a space for us together where we can jump, laugh, sit, breathe and cuddle.

I am also a proud member of the Swiss Kids Yoga Association (Kinderyogaverband).