Mommy and children yoga

Mindful practice for our little glowing hearts

Kids yoga classes take place in the beautiful Quartiertreff Hirslanden. Come and join us for our mommy/daddy and kid classes! Practice yoga with your child and enjoy an hour of disconnect from the world, connection to yourself and to your child and seriously funny duo exercises.

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Mommy and children yoga

Are you yourself a yoga practitioner and would you like to involve your child into your practice?

Never tried yoga? Are you ready to dust off your tired muscles and sprinkle some stardust on you? Ready to travel to the moon and back with your co-pilot Tiny Heart?

Come and join us for our mommy/daddy and kid classes! Practice yoga with your child and enjoy an hour of disconnect from the world, connection to yourself and to your child and seriously funny duo exercises. 

Next Yoga dates in Zürich

If the times don`t suit you, please feel free to reach out if you know another (or two) crazy duo who would be interested to set up a private class.

Mommy/Daddy & kids classes in Zürich

The classes will take place in Quartiertreff Hirslanden (Forchstrasse 248, Zürich) from November onwards.

Every Tuesday (except school breaks) – 17:15-18:00 (from 3 to 9 years)
November 26 (Sunday) – 15:00-16:30
December 10 (Sunday) – 15:00-16:30
February 4 (Sunday) – 15:00-16:30
March 16 (Saturday) – 15:00-16:30
April 14 (Sunday) – 15:00-16:30
May 26 (Sunday) – 15:00-16:30
June 23 (Sunday) – 15:00-16:30

Mommy/Daddy & kids classes in Uster (near Zürich)

The classes take place in YCB Yoga Schule (Bahnstrasse 21, 8610 Uster).
December 9 (Saturday) – 15:00-16:30
January 27 (Saturday) – 15:00-16:30
March 2 (Saturday) – 15:00-16:30
April 13 (Saturday) – 15:00-16:30
May 25 (Saturday) – 15:00-16:30
June 22 (Saturday) – 15:00-16:30

What happens in a kids yoga class?

Classes are held in English. It is a great opportunity for children to learn English, as there are many repetitive words and sentences. Yoga and English learning at the same time.
The groups are set for children between 3-5/6 years and 5/6-9 years.
Classes cost CHF 28.

Body awareness and good posture

Developing body awareness and good posture  is a crucial part of becoming healthy adults.

Mindfulness exercises

Through the mindfulness exercises children can better manage stress and use these techniques in their everyday lives.


As they move and replicate what they see, their concentration  is encouraged and their focus is strengthened.

About Me

“To me nothing in the world is as precious as a genuine smile, especially from a child.”
/Rumi, Persian poet/

My Story:

I was always drawn to children. To their ability to be lost in the moment, to truly connect and to truly live. For us adults, it’s a learning curve to come back to our hearts, for our children it’s a natural state.

Yoga allows us to strengthen the connection with ourselves. I have learnt a lot from the best teachers during my studies to become a certified yoga teacher (Vinyasa and Yin Yoga), and later on educating myself about children’s yoga, getting the certification of post-natal recovery therapist, and the list goes on.

My greatest teacher however is undoubtedly my son. He teaches me every day that trying and failing is normal. That you can never say `I love you` too many times. And that practicing yoga together might not be the most elegant and technically perfect practice, but it creates a space for us together where we can jump, laugh, sit, breathe and cuddle.

I am also proud member of the Swiss Kids Yoga Association (Kinderyogaverband).

Why kids yoga?

For children this yoga class is a chance:


to get familiar with the Asanas (yoga postures),

practice their balance, stretch and develop their muscles, while having fun and broadening their horizon,

focusing on their breath allowing themselves to slow down and understand what their body is doing and feeling.

kids yoga

What People Are Saying

Zsofia is an enthusiastic yoga teacher who engages the children with creative stories and shows them ways to wind-down by learning easy breathing techniques. The yoga postures are easy to follow and the children have great fun during the class. We arranged a class at our place and invited our friends over. The children practiced yoga and the parents could enjoy a nice conversation in the other room. 

Marco Casini

Father of 2,5 year-old twin girls